Yes, London

I’ve officially made London my new home. As of two months ago, I had yet to live in a city of my choosing. This was a move for me, a move for adventure and a move for new experiences. I am hoping to find comfort in the uncomfortable, in my personal life and in my artwork. Here there is inspiration around every corner, along every tube line, and in the imperfect smash of old meeting new.

After two months, I haven’t had a lot of time to draw or the courage to start entirely over but am getting looser, feeling more and trying to be less contained. More to come. And different.

You Fuck Face

There are many times in life that you struggle to see a situation for what it really is, rose colored glasses they call it.  Throw in expensive dinners, beating hearts, sexy professions and you find yourself fully enthralled in that pink, rose colored world. 

Anyways, this t shirt train was inspired by a painting I did which was inspired by a certain person - you fuck face.

Excited to launch my first product hook up ever.  Grab a tee and represent all the times you saw a situation clearly for the first time.




My Girls

All artists put a part of themselves into each of their pieces. I have always enjoyed drawing women because, yes, I am a woman, but also because I feel like I make them feel a little bit of what I am feeling at that time. Internalized feelings can be made public yet still remain disguised. Tears transformed into blue eyes, insecurity masked by long necks and slender faces, heartache masked by flower prints and pop colors. They are me and I am them.


I've been missing home. I'm from San Diego and even though my family doesn't live right by the ocean, the beach has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up my family would take an annual beach camping trip where my parents let my brothers and I live free with our friends. We would wake up at dawn and layer up to gather seashells in the mist before the beach was covered with people.  We would spend all day beaching, swimming...boogie boarding and my mom, the artist that she is, would amaze onlookers with huge sand sculptures of lions, alligators, monkeys and just about anything and everything.  At night we would ride scooters and bikes around the campsites until dark when dinner and stories were served and shared around the campfire, the air sticky, the waves below us and everyone huddled close.

Now, the beach is a place of escape and a place of bliss. I just love the sound of the water, the way the sun warms my skin, salt crisped hair and the water's constant motion. In San Francisco, my weekend morning runs to Ocean Beach always bring me back to those happy times and allow me to take a step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This weekend, I changed my route and instead ran to the Sutro Bath overlook. From above, you can see the waves' patterns constantly pushing and pulling, fighting and making up, squeezing tight and letting loose, much like lives up and downs. The pattern resonated with me and I've been thinking about "waves" ever since. 

Anyways, waves.

FullSizeRender 17.jpg


Been testing around with prints lately and have been so happy with the outcomes so far. These little guys were from the most recent haul..... Looking into working on greeting cards next!

Prints available online soon & will be in person @ Orson's Belly 10/12-10/30.


Pieces Showing @ Orson's Belly Cafe Oct 12th-30th

My favorite local coffee shop, Orson's Belly, will be showing some of my pieces next month.  They opened a little over a year ago and were a godsend to the Outer Richmond as there are limited options with good coffee out here. 

They will be an Opening Night Happy Hour on Thursday, October 12th from 6-9 pm. Come out for a beer or glass of wine and say hello! 



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